Craft Burgers

Craft Burgers!


Sweet & Smoky

Served With Pride

Our new Sweet & Smoky Craft Burger is freshly prepared just for you. Read on to find out about the hand-picked ingredients that go into it, on it and with it. And how they add up to make one amazing meal.

Watch How It’s Made

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You’ve never had a burger quite like this

Every ingredient makes a difference, from the mango-infused BBQ sauce to the warm, toasted potato bun. Here are the stories behind just a few of the elements that make the Sweet & Smoky Craft Burger a special dining experience.

Craft Burger Craft Burger
  • It’s not just what’s inside that counts.

    We chose a warm, toasted potato bun. The dough rises faster and stays softer than you’d find with traditional rolls.

  • Made fresh, when you order it.

    100% USDA certified beef kept fresh in our kitchen, expertly seasoned, and seared to your specifications.

  • Two unique sauces. One great taste.

    Our Sweet & Smoky Craft Burger is topped with our new, house-made Chili's signature and mango-infused barbecue sauces.

  • Craft burgers call for craft lettuce.

    Grown in the southwest United States just for Chili’s, our lettuce combines the crunch of Iceberg with the health benefits and leafy texture of Romaine.

The cherry on top is actually a pickle.

Fresh cucumber slices are seasoned in garlic and then soaked in brine before they make it from our kitchen to your table. The process takes a full six hours.

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